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Kitty Cam

Update 23 November: We've been off line for a little while due to internet connection problems. Back now and here's Bulan & Bintang - lovely sister and brother (we assume), been living in a garden over the summer. They're only kittens .. less than a year old.

Update 29 September 2018: Stanlie has gone to a foster home and Merlin has just moved in.

Update 27 August 2018: Harold has gone to his new home today and the room is now occupied by Stanlie. Stanlie has been living rough for some time so its a bit of a shock for him to find himself indoors.

Update 16 August 2018: New occupant Harold is a gorgeous purry young man.

Update 5 June 2018: Mum and kits ... arrived this evening. Kittens are about 5 days old and in the large cardboard box. You'll probably not see much of them just yet.

For more information about our cats make sure you check out the blog!

You can capture the webcam image by right clicking on it and selecting 'Save image as...'. If it's a particularly lovely picture, why not post it on Facebook or tweet it to your friends?