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How you can help


You might think that helping us is all about being able to give lots of money or time- obviously that would be very welcome, but there are other ways you could help .. Depending on how much time and cash you have to spare ?

If you have money to spare:
Please think about making a regular donation and signing up for gift aid to maximise the benefit we get from it.

Or just a one off donation ... with or without a gift aid option depending on whether you're a uk tax payer or not.

The above can do done through bank transfer, my donate LINK or paypal. Pay pal is great and convenient but does take a bit of a bite out of your donation so if other options are as easy its best to use them. There's another really good option which gives complete reassurance as to where the money is going: Vets4Pets vouchers ... They can be bought by calling in at Millhouses Vets4Pets or by phoning them ... and left on reception for us to use next time we're there.

If you have time:

You might like to join our fabulous fundraising team. Our current fundraising projects are a mix of evening events and car boot/table top sales. There's space for more people who can create stuff to sell, collect and store donated stuff to sell, people who can manage a stall. We'd also like to be able to have an online auction on Facebook or do eBay sales if someone has those skills. Any other ideas would be very welcome.

If you don't have either ......

You can still help. Sign up to our blog: http://8livescatrescue.wordpress.com and/or join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/8Lives to get the lastest news about cats needing homes and planning fundraising projects ... and then share them with friends, family and colleagues.

It only takes a few moments to click "like" or "share" on a facebook post but it could change a cat's life.