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Flat Cats

A few weeks ago a company called Flat Cats got in touch with us out of the blue. They wanted to know if we'd be interested in promoting their product by putting leaflets into our re homing packs. In return we would get 7% of the income we generated for them for 8 Lives rescue. It sounded good, but I'm wary of promoting things I don't have any experience of, and explained my concerns to them. They immediately offered us two free ones so we could test them.

flat cats 1

flat cats 2

Not being the very practical type, we were a bit daunted about measuring the windows and getting the right size. However once we bit the bullet and got on with it it was remarkably easy. There's a helpful sizing sheet to download from their website which helps make sure you have all the right measurements. Dominic was very pleasant and helpful when I contacted him to ask further questions.

To be honest we've wondered about getting something like this for a while. Upstairs, where most of the rescue cats live can get very warm when we eventually get some sunshine. But they cats usually have to be kept in either because they're too young to go out, they've not been neutered yet, or they've not been with us long enough to allow them out. And litter trays, however often they're emptied, get smelly when its hot. Last summer we took to putting the cats on the landing, and flinging their bedroom windows open to get some air. Sure, we got air in, but also a lot of flies.

When they arrived, which was very quickly after I ordered them, I wasn't very impressed. Looking at them in the packet they looked very black and I thought they'd make the rooms look dark and miserable. Plus I wasn't looking forward to struggling to fit them, aided by gangs of rescue cats..

flat cats 3

However, they were so easy to fit that even I didn't struggle with them. And once they were up, it was surprising how unobtrusive they were.

Mowgli checked them out and found that they were pretty strong too .... even if you climb up them.

flat cats 4 flat cats 5