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Cat sitting

...the least disruptive way to care for your cat(s) whilst on holiday!

Holidays are wonderful, but often create huge stress for cats' servants when they have to leave their little tyrants in the care of someone else for a few days or weeks. Catteries can do a good job, and may be the best option for some people, however when it comes to our furry friends it seems we can pretty safely conclude that there's no place like home.

Although our felines may miss our company (lets face it, most of us do kind of like to think they miss us just a bit) they're safe in their familiar surroundings with all their own stuff, and there's the added bonus that someone is coming in and checking on the house each day.

Always check that your cat sitter is insured and properly qualified and experienced to do the job.

3 Strings Pet Services

Jess is local to us in Norton Lees, S8. We've known her for several years through non cat related stuff (yes ... there are small corners of our lives that aren't cat related!) We got to know her more when Jess was helping an elderly poorly dog through The Cinnamon Trust. Her care for the dog and his owner, and her ability to organise a team of volunteers to do twice a day insulin injections, several times a day eye drops and keep everyone up to speed with changing doses and needs was seriously impressive! When she set up her own Pet sitting (also dog walking) service we knew she would be purrfect for the 8 Lives cats. She came to visit a couple of times before we went away and took lots of notes to make sure she knew exactly what everyone needed.

Whilst away we had a few messages and photos and the odd question about care. Enough to be reassured that the cats were being cared for and thought about ... not so much that we were anxious. Arrived home to a clean house and happy cats ... and an elderly ginger cat who was just a little in love with her.

Wholeheartedly recommended!

Moggy Maid

Moggy Maid first cared for our cats at short notice when we were let down by another cat sitter in 2013. She scarcely missed a beat when we explained that we had 14 cats at that point, one of them deaf and on twice daily medication, one of them mostly AWOL, another semi feral, three very timid older kittens, another five a family of mum and 4 kittens just in the process of being weaned, and of course there was also our ginger tom - scourge of all cat sitters. Mostly our boy is very laid back but in my absence sees himself as the man of the house and a bit of a guard cat.

Gail/ Moggy Maid coped admirably with all of them, updated us whilst we were away, and most amazingly has agreed to come back for our subsequent holidays! I'm sure the residents remember her and like her. It's very reassuring whilst away to know that apart from the cats being cared for, there's someone checking the house is ok, moving the post /putting the bins out, and putting some bread and milk in the fridge for when I got home. The awful time when I returned home to find that my "always in the house or on the door step" elderly boy was missing, Gail went above and beyond. I was jet lagged, exhausted and a bit hysterical. Messaged Gail to check that she'd seen him that morning,which she had. She checked with me later to see if he was home and when he wasn't, and my frantic searching had been useless, she came over to help look for him. She had a hunch about where he might be (its a long story but he'd found himself a lady friend on the next street), calmed me down and left me with a cup of tea in the kitchen, and armed with a torch went out to look. Not very many minutes later she arrived back here with him tucked under her arm. I'll always remember her kindness that night.

Many of our adoptive parents have used her services over the years and also been very happy.

Update October 2017: We understand Moggy Maid has revised the area she covers and now its only the lucky moggies who happen to live in Dronfield that will be able to access her services.

moggy maid