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Millhouses Vets for Pets

Just can't recommend them highly enough. Having fostered for other rescues for a while we've done the rounds of many vet surgeries from Chesterfield to Doncaster and back. We've been to surgeries where they're ok but very obviously more interested in dogs .... cats seem a bit of a nuisance. Other surgeries where one of the vets is great but you really have to hope that its him that you see. Millhouses have 3 regular vets and they're all lovely, as are the nurses and admin staff. They've supported 8 Lives all the way from the moment we suggested going solo.

vets 4 pets team

Our rescue cats:

As a rescue we get "frequent flyer" rates and plenty of care and support. The team are always interested in the cats and how they've come to be in rescue, and when they've found new homes.

Our own cats:

They're registered there too. The younger ones have signed up to the Vaccs4Life package which covers the cost of their boosters for life, and pays for itself in 2-3 years. Old man Sooty (RiP) had their Care4Pets plan which for a monthly fee covered his boosters, plus as many consultations as he needed when we were worried about him. Since he had a number of health issues it was a good investment for a senior cat.

If all that isn't good enough .......

.... despite the amount of time we spend there, we've never been charged any rent ;)

Click here to visit the Vets4Pets web site.